Electrical Insulated Mats

Electrical Insulated Mats

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We are instrumental in manufacturing, exporting and supplying the Electrical insulated mats. These mats are designed for offering the protection to the workmen from electric shock. Our provided mats are highly popular in the market due to their water resistant nature, anti-slippery surface and elongation property. Also, these Electrical insulated mats are available in customized sizes, shapes, dimensions and colors to suit the need of our valued end customers.


  • Made of electrical resistant elastomers such as rubber & latex
  • Free from any insertion
  • No adverse effect of acids, alkalis and transformer oil

keeping in mind we take various measure for our employees safety from electrical shock whether the are involved in electricity generation transmission or its use. KRI Safety Mats are highly demanded for the safety of workmen from electrical shock when working in or around environment like.

    High Voltage Panels
    Power Transformer Rooms
    Near Bus Bars
    Anti Skid/Flooring
    LT  & HT Labs
    Near Control Panels


    Products are IRMRA, Thane tested
    Product are ISO15652:2006 certified
    Di Electric Strength is very high up to 69 Kv
    Resistive from Insulation 2.08 x109 ohms
    Self obscure and fire resistive
    Transformer oil and Acid resistant
    Water resistive with Antiskid
    Lack of any metallic imitative
    Widely applicable for both A.C. & D.C. Electrical Installations
    Conveniently Install without any errors
    Also resistive fro Corrosion

Thickness : Voltage System

2.0 mm     : Up to 3.3 Kv
2.5 mm     : Up to 11 Kv
3.0 mm     : Up to 33 Kv

S.N. Test     Unit     Test
1. Tensile Strength     Mpa     22.2
2. Elongation     %     322
3. Insulation Resistance     Ohm     2.08x109
4. Volume Resistivity     Ohms - Cm     1.61x1013
5. Di Electric with stand Test     Kv     30 Kv for 1 Min
6. Breakdown Test     Kv     69.0 Kv
7. Effect of Fire     - -     Pass (V0)
8. Effect of Acid, Alkali,
Diesel & Transformer Oil     %     -8.4 & + 2.5
of Original Value
9. Ageing Test     %     -0.6 & + 2.7
of Original Value
10. Leakage Current Test in Oil     MA     <10